There is nobody else doing what we do!

Most companies under-exploit their interns. Few companies understand how an empowered student can make a significant difference to an organisation’s effectiveness. We passionately believe that a well-run intern programme is a decisive competitive advantage.

We have been finding, selecting, and coaching Interns since 1994. Our experience is based on the genuinely creative use of student manpower to implement University Programmes, Technical Support Groups and Customer Relations projects. Students are part of our operations: their expertise supports our projects. We are not just a recruiter! Our reach is pan-European: we can reach good candidates across the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Israel.

All our recruitment advisers are former interns who have been through our programme. Yes, all of them!

Our model for success is a well-refined process, with several unique components:

  • 13 month placements, so that outgoing students can run a structured handover to their successors. This promotes continuity and saves management time. It’s also great experience for the students.
  • Enriching the current intern’s experience and engendering commitment by involving them in the recruitment process. Every student going through our process knows what it feels like to have a vacancy to fill, and never writes their CV the same way again!
  • Facilitating links between the University and their Student by supporting Tutor visits and assessments, and special projects. We actively engage with the Student’s university and facilitate joint projects where required. With some planning these are a triple-win: for Student, their company and their university.
  • Tapping the pool of outstanding non-EU students studying at EU universities who are entitled to take a placement using their Student Visa. Yes it is true! You can employ non-EU Interns without a work permit. But how do you do it? For example, imagine how useful a native Chinese speaker could be in technology company!
  • Offering innovative low-cost solutions to working spaces if the host company does not have room to accommodate a student. The perfect solution for small or even one-person companies.
  • Dramatically increasing the payback from outstanding interns, by offering them special assignments in the period after their 13 months is completed. Their placement may finish in July, but term does not restart until late-September. Your well-trained intern could be incredibly useful during this period!
  • Once running, after two years, this intern programme creates a precious pipeline of graduate talent ready for recruitment. If you are being “crowded-out” by big competitors with deep pockets, this may be the perfect answer to your hunt for talented graduates.


Graduate recruitment has become a battle. Attracting the right calibre of people and ensuring they want to stay is getting harder. If you are in a major technology centre such as Munich, London, Tel Aviv, or Silicon Valley, the major companies with famous profiles and deep pockets are harvesting talent long before graduation. For smaller companies, finding the people you need is tough.

In our experience, meaningful loyalty comes from several key ingredients:

  • Empowerment by giving genuine responsibility
  • Investment in training which is graduate-led
  • Motivation through a sense of belonging and shared values.
  • Recognition that most of them will move on in 3 years.
  • You must plan for the one or two that you wish to keep for longer, and be proactive to retain them
  • Understanding that many of today’s graduates have a different value set. The reputation of the company, its values, and its work culture may be more important than remuneration.
Millennials (born 1980-1994) or “Generation Y” have a distinct mindset and its probably very different to yours!

Our relevant experience includes recruiting Marketing Execs for a global distributor, Junior Sales Engineers for a semiconductor company, and aspiring Radio/New Media Presenters.


Before you criticise a team member for doing something wrong, please always ask yourself “did you teach them how to do it properly?” If you find yourself saying, “No, but it’s simple. They should know”, then please read the classic book “The One Minute Manager” by Blanchard & Johnson.
It’s the best 2 hours of self-development you will ever do!

Every hour you spend giving relevant one-the-job coaching will be rewarded by increased staff effectiveness, greater loyalty, and higher quality of execution. Yet in our busy schedules, so often we don’t reserve the time to do this.

We can help you by providing relevant and practical training.

Amongst the topics we can cover:

  • Time Management
  • Efficient use of e-mail and effective document management
  • Purchase, supply and financial processes
  • Essential legal training: contracts, risks, NDAs/confidentiality, warranties & indemnities
  • Personal organisation and fitting into your company
  • Presentations, Communications, essential Marketing
  • Life on the Road: essential training for professional sales people
We tailor our training to suit the circumstances of your company and focus on a few individuals who will most benefit. Our trainers are not trainers: they are execs and managers who have learned these things by doing.

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