• "Robbie, Just to say thanks so much for giving me time on the show last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was very impressed with the station. You've done an excellent, professional job, and I wish you success. You certainly deserve it. If there's anything I can do... (and I mean that). Thanks again, and see you soon I hope."
    Tony Bacon, Author & Editor, Backbeat Books, UK, March'02
  • "Just a note to let you know you have a fan of 'collectors corner. she was positively gushing with praise for the show and the presenter!"
    Sharon Armstrong, Sales Representative hertbeat fm, Knebworth, UK, July'01
  • "Not only do you know your stuff but the music you play is 100% pure enjoyment."
    Malcom Cross, Stevenage, UK, Aug'01
  • "Robbie, just listening to your marvellous programme on the web here in Chelmsford. Utterly addictive, Keep it up."
    Keir Argent, UK, Aug'02
  • "Brilliant programme, very moving."
    Gerald Dolby-Gray, Sevenoaks, UK, Sept'08
  • "I feel compelled to let you know how much I enjoyed the programme yesterday. From Ray Stevens to Junior Campbell it was a wonderful evening's entertainment."
    Ian Cowley, Dunstable, UK, Sept'08
  • "I listened to your program on Voice of Peace that I had recorded. It was a really touching story and I got tears in my eyes."
    Ingemar Gustafsson, Vaxjo, Sweden, Sept'08
  • "Just to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Johnny Lewis. Great radio."
    Mike Thacker, Ware, UK, Feb'10
  • "You may not have won a Sony for the programme but we all think it deserves one."
    Dave Randall, Stevenage, UK, May'10
  • "Many thanks for so many good years of wonderful listening. it was good to have, what seemed to me, a personal touch & a real rapport with the listeners. Keep on rockin'!!!"
    Vic Regan, Herts, UK, May'10
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Final Programme: Jack FM, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK. 2010
Graham Dene interview on the JukeBox Drive-In, hertbeat fm, Knebworth, UK. 2004
hertbeat fm studio, Knebworth, UK. 2005
hertbeat fm's First Birthday, Knebworth, UK. 2002
Home of the Voice of Peace, The Peace Ship in harbour, Israel. Circa 1975
The home of 1450 KOKO, Warrensburg, Missouri, USA
Radio Hertford Boat Trip to Radio Caroline. Summer 1976.
Kettering Evening Telegraph article about "Record Collector's Corner". 1993
Musician Joe Brown visits KCBC, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK. 1993
The Kettering Evening Telegraph reports Joe Brown's visit to KCBC. 1993
Reference from KOKO, Warrensburg Mo. USA. 1993
Daily Star Journal reports Robert Owen's return to KOKO. 1995
The studio at KOKO, Warrensburg Mo. USA. 1995
Mojo Magazine listing about the JukeBox Drive-In on elevenSEVENTY, High Wycombe, UK. 1996
Radio Hertford Trial Broadcast, Hertford, UK. 1998
Radio Hertford Reunion "the class of '75": Hertford, UK. 2011
Presenting the JukeBox Drive-In, hertbeat fm, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK. Circa 2002
elevenSEVENTY publicity photo: Robbie Owen circa 1996
Welcoming the Wheelchair Pushers from London back home to Hertford. 1975
Building the hertbeat fm studios at the Pump House, Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, UK. 2001
Biggles FM goes full-time: the launch team. Potton, Bedfordshire, UK. 2011
Reference from the Voice of Peace, Programme Director Kenny Page. 1978
Car Stickers: Biggles FM, Blue Danube Radio, KCBC.


In parallel with his career in the electronics industry, Robert "Robbie" Owen is an accomplished radio presenter. So it is not surprising that his roles in Sales and Marketing are characterised by excellent communications whether to individuals or in presentations to large groups.

He started his radio career in 1974 with hospital radio at Radio Hertford, then became a true "pirate" presenting Top 40 on the offshore radio station "The Voice of Peace" off the coast of Israel in 1978 (referred to on-air as being "somewhere in the Mediterranean"). His association with the Voice of Peace lived on many years after his last visit in 1982, as his voce introduced and closed the nightly "Twilight Time" programme. At Christmas in 1990, he completed a freelance contract with the Austrian State Broadcaster the ORF, on Blue Danube Radio in Vienna, where he presented "Good Morning Austria" and the Midday Magazine programmes. The music was "soft AC" (Adult Contemporary), with a high speech content of news and interviews.

In September 1990 he joined the newly established KCBC, a "golden oldies" station in Kettering, and progressed to be their Programme Controller in 1993-94, whilst still working full-time at Texas Instruments Bedford. In 1993, 1995 and 1997 he also completed working holidays at KOKO (Adult Contemporary & Local News format), the local commercial radio station established in 1952 to serve Warrensburg, Missouri, USA (near Kansas City). This gave him inside experience of how American local commercial radio really operates!

At KCBC he developed a show for aficionados of the 60's "beat boom" , which was later called the "Jukebox Drive-In". This programme aired weekly on the High Wycombe station elevenSEVENTY from 1995 to 2000, and from March 2001 the Jukebox Drive-In moved to hertbeat fm where it aired weekly until May 2010. The programme regularly included interviews with luminaries from the music world

In May 2010, after hertbeat fm became Jack fm (and now BOB fm), the Jukebox Drive-In moved to community radio station Biggles FM in Potton, Bedfordshire until July 2012. Then in October 2016, after a long break, it returned to Northamptonshire on the new community radio station NLive, where Robbie is a founding member. The programme can be heard each Sunday at 7pm (nliveradio.com).

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